Former Peace Corps Volunteers Meet in Kyiv to Honor 50th Anniversary

By Douglass Teschner, Peace Corps Country Director in Ukraine

On August 27, 2011, nearly 40 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and family members gathered at the home of Paula Evans and Tom Katen (Kazakhstan 2000-2002) in Kyiv to celebrate the 50th anniversary.  The group collectively served in more than a dozen Peace Corps countries, some as long ago as 1968, including three members of Peace Corps Ukraine group 1 that arrived in 1992.

 In 2012, Peace Corps will celebrate its 20th anniversary in this strategic Eastern Europe country where PCVs are paying an important role in helping Ukrainians transition from its Soviet past.

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer myself (Morocco 1971-73), I spoke briefly on the impact that Peace Corps had on my life and told the group that they are very much part of the Ukraine Peace Corps family.

The primary assignments for the current group of 445 Ukraine Peace Corps Volunteers are as English teachers and in youth and community development.


3 thoughts on “Former Peace Corps Volunteers Meet in Kyiv to Honor 50th Anniversary

  1. Our son is a current PCV in Zaporizhia (his assignment started in June 2011) and he is in Community Development. It has opened his eyes to the wonderful traditions of the Ukrainian peoples. He can’t stop talking about them. Its a wonderful opportunity.

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