50 States in 50 Days: Rhode Island – The Ocean State

Posted by: Mary Ellen Murphy, Executive Office

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The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, known as Rhode Island, is the smallest state but it is big in history and tourist attractions. It was founded for religious freedom and its forts guarding Narragansett Bay were very important beginning in the Revolutionary War.

There are many beaches and parks, as well as the famous Newport mansions from the late 1800s and early 1900s decorated by European craftsmen. Newport is also known for boating and the bay is often full of sailboats as well as cruise ships or the old-fashioned tall ships; the famous America’s Cup yacht race was held at Newport for many years.

Newport To Ensenada Yacht Race, AP Images

Brown University (an Ivy League school) is the most prestigious college in the state, but Johnson & Wales Culinary School, Rhode Island School of Design and other colleges also help ensure an active restaurant and cultural life for the capital Providence and the rest of the state. The University of Rhode Island is famous for agriculture.

Brown University, Photo by Tùng béo

Rhode Island produces a lot of potatoes and also has a lot of turf farms, as well as delicious seafood like lobsters, clams and all types of fish. There have been many immigrant groups including French, Portuguese, Italians and Irish which also add to the cultural scene.

Maine Lobster at Mooring Seafood Restaurant, Photo by Yun Zhang

The oldest Fourth of July parade in America is held in Bristol every year. RI is located between New York City and Boston and is a great place to live as well as have a vacation.

Bristol 4th of July Parade, Photo by Juan Carlos Cruz

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