50 States in 50 Days: Oregon – Things Look Different Here

Posted by: Elizabeth Wager, USAID Officer

Читати українською

Portland, Photo by Amateria1121
Portland, Photo by Amateria1121

The state of Oregon is a picturesque area of the West Coast nestled between the states of Washington and California. Admitted into the United States in 1859, Oregon was first known as the Oregon Territory and was well traveled by two Virginians, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their Corps of Discovery Expedition from 1804-1806. Many historic sites throughout the country commemorate the Lewis & Clark Trail, which stretches over 4,600 miles, crossing four time zones, and highlighting some of the most beautiful and remote areas of America before ending at the Pacific Ocean in Oregon.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Present day Oregon offers a little bit of everything! Urban living with a wide array of restaurants, brew pubs, and wine bars is easily available within the Portland city center. Portland is among the nation’s most easy-to-navigate cities with public transit or by foot—or even by bicycle! Hiking and camping enthusiasts will find plenty to do in the Hood River Valley (a one to two hour drive from Portland), at the Oregon Coast (a one hour drive from Portland) or at any of the 194 state parks scattered throughout Oregon. Theater enthusiasts can enjoy the internationally known Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Southern Oregon, located in the city of Ashland, throughout the spring and summer seasons.


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