Helping Ukraine Defend Itself

Posted by: U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt

Читати українською

Special Operations Forces Training, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, January 2016
Special Operations Forces Training, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, January 2016

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Maj. Gen. Gregory J. Lengyel, Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), on his trip to Khmelnytskyi, where U.S. forces from the 10th Special Forces Group are training Ukrainian special operations forces as part of the Joint Multinational Training Group – Ukraine.

I welcomed the chance to hear from Deputy Minister of Defense Dolgov and Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Commander Major General Luniov on the status of Ukraine’s special operations reform efforts, and to witness first-hand the classroom and field training U.S. and Allied special operations forces are providing Ukrainian special forces to enhance Ukraine’s capability to defend itself in the face of relentless Russian aggression.

Cyborgs Unit Patch
Cyborgs Unit Patch

At Khmelnitsky, U.S. special operations forces are providing training on a wide array of military specialties — medical, marksmanship, construction and demolition, communications, and technology.  I was incredibly impressed.  Ukraine’s new special operations recruits show great promise, and include many brave soldiers who’ve already served in the ATO, including one of the Cyborgs who had helped defend the Donetsk Airport.  I felt incredibly honored when he presented me with his unit patch.

U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt and Ukrainian Special Operations Forces Commander Major General Luniov, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, January 2016

Our training at Khmelnytskyi is taking place at the invitation of the Ukrainian government, and reflects the commitment of the United States to help Ukraine build a professional, NATO-standard fighting force.  Since 2014, we have provided more than $266 million in equipment and training to help Ukrainian forces better monitor and secure their border, operate more safely and effectively, and defend their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

What I saw on my trip reaffirmed my confidence that the Ukrainian military is committed to moving forward with the process of reform — moving toward European institutions, a NATO-standard military, a NATO-standard special forces capability.  We’re very proud that the United States is part of that project.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch some of my trip highlights here.

12 thoughts on “Helping Ukraine Defend Itself

  1. This article is pure USA propaganda. More Russia bashing and misinformation.. .There’s really no way to sugarcoat it: The rest of world believes that the United States is the country that poses the greatest threat to world peace, beating out all challengers by a wide margin.The U.S. was voted the biggest threat by far, garnering 24 percent of the vote. Pakistan was a very distant second with 8 percent, followed by China (6 percent) and Afghanistan (5 percent)

  2. This article IS NOT PROPAGANDA as I’d know, my husband is helping to train the Ukrainians against aggression. Our family misses him and can’t wait for him to come home, but he and others continue to win hearts and minds of those OPPRESSED, hence De Oppresso Liber.

  3. As you know it, that is just your opinion and not reality. Have you read a book printed in the US. Check on the internet . This war in the Ukraine is a US provocation against Russia using Ukraine as its proxy. I would know as I am an American Ukrainian, who has relatives and friends in Ukraine that I am in contact with on a frequent basis. Your husband is only following orders from the US govt. And that does not legitimize his actions. Here is an article That I picked off the KyivPost. —–The air smells of rigged elections, and that means it’s time for politicians to make money with double the vigor. The legacies of the Polish reforms have been perversely misconstrued in Ukraine, and the country is enduring shock but no therapy. Time is running out and the people’s trust has been squandered. The level of public support for Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has fallen to 1 percent. Poroshenko’s approval rating is around 5 percent. ——— Victoria Nuland selected Yats to be the guy to run Ukraine for the US, and that was 2 weeks prior to the sniper shootings in Kiev and overthrow the legitimate president. Read the book — Flashpoint in Ukraine. You can order from

  4. Peter, you are. no American, you are a Russian hack. The entire world knows that Russia invaded Ukraine. The entire world knows that Putin is a pathetic petro-dictator. You and your kind will be held accountable one day, and you should spend a little time thinking about that.

  5. Rim- If you seen a Russian invasion of Ukraine, you were hallucinating. I am an American, born here, spent 7 yrs of reguired militay service in the 50’s and 60’s.Vietnam era. Forbes Magazine selected Mr.Putin the most powerful person on earth for three years running. 2015 top 3 were #1 Putin #2 Merkel #3 Obama. Time magazine had Mr.Putin on the short list for the most influential person. Rim- you do not make up the entire world., and you call me a russian hack?? You are nothing more than a stupid, brainwashed idiot. There are many people in this world that does not like the USA, wake up and face reality, IDIOT.

  6. Hah! Peter, it must be a sad and lonely life to worship a pathetic little criminal like Vladimir Putin. Of course the mobsters, thugs, and tinpot strongmen of the world hate the USA. They and their cronies hate anything that threatens their ability to intimidate, lie, and steal. Keep rooting for Putin and see how far that gets you. I’m sure the two of you can have nice long cozy chats in prison someday.

  7. Yeah, Pitin the most powerful man according to Forbes….more powerful in liar, murderer and plunderer of country’s resources. And a very bad planning boss. the head of intelligence that makes a business plan for the country based o price of the time (US$108/bbl) and thinks hat it is s firm as his planning. Allows for himself and his cronies to siphon funds abroad in of modernizing manufacturing and concentrating of value added finished goods. A president making such mistakes in USA or UE would be quickly sacked by the board of directors in no time. This is why Putin is not qualified to run the country. Only a banana republic, maybe.

  8. Население южнорусских степей всегда было этнически неоднородным. Хотя доминирующим языком всегда был русский, в разные исторические периоды отмечались увеличения численности тюркских или семитских этнических составляющих. Что, в свою очередь, приводило к усилению роли иудаизма или других религий.

    В определённый момент, когда количество евреев на Украине в очередной раз достигло максимума, сработал тот же механизм, что и в средневековой Испании.

    В Испании, бывшей некогда мавританской (то есть еврейско-арабской) страной, наступили смутные, революционные времена. Тогдашние испанские жители вдруг начали вспоминать, что некоторые их прадеды когда-то, в старые-престарые времена, были и не маврами вовсе, а вообще вестготами. И начали все повально записываться в “европейцы”, а заодно приняли законы против арабов и евреев. То есть против тех, кто не успел вовремя записаться в европейцы.

    То же случилось в иные времена и в украинских степях. Когда в очередной раз тамошним иудеям захотелось стать истинными арийцами (“козаками”), они, конечно же, ими стали. А чтобы доказать друг другу и самому себе, мол, я – не еврей, стали демонстративно и со смаком жевать сало. Кто съест больше сала, тот больше не еврей.

    Таким образом, исторически поедание сала является обрядом, символизирующим смену конфессии.


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